We Love Denton. Grab some Swag if you do too.

  • no_place_like_denton_tote

    No Place Like Denton Tote

    You got stuff and you need to carry it. Maybe it's a late date on on the square and you need to pack a blanket and a bottle of wine, well, now you can do it in style. This bag makes a statement, it actually makes a lot of them! - 16 inches wide by 14 inches tall - The base is 6 inches wide - The bag is piped and a lined with cotton. - Made from eco-friendly jute
  • no_place_like_denton

    No Place Like Denton Shirt

    - Super Soft Unisex Triblend - Navy-ish Blue - MEDIUM's are actually more royal blue due to a printer miscommunication - Tagless for added comfort - V-Neck for added style
  • Denton T-Shirt Denton Texas T-Shirt Denton Texas Shirt
    Denton Swag T-Shirt Back

    Denton Texas Shirt

    Denton, Texas... in the shape of Texas! Super soft and so comfortable that you will never want to take it off.
  • Sold out

    You Had Me At Denton Tote

    SOLD OUT ONLINE - Unavailable until November 15, 2016 due to backordered totes. Totes are currently available at the Discover Denton Store located next to LSA Burgers on the Denton Square while supplies last. Heading for a picnic out on the courthouse lawn? Got things to tote? Well, you never looked more stylish girlfran than when you are toting around your "YOU HAD ME AT DENTON" Tote. That's right, you'll be the envy of everyone in Denton with this bag. It may even change your life.
  • denton_swag_shirt_charcoal_front

    Denton Swag Shirt

    - Super Soft Unisex Triblend - Charcoal Gray - Tagless for added comfort
  • Denton Courthouse Poster
    Denton Texas Square and Campus Theater Print

    24×36 Denton Square Print

    Put something in your home that makes you smile every time you see it all while showing your friends how much you love our great city. If you love Denton, you will love this 24x36 print.
  • 24x36_morrison_corn_kits_print

    24×36 Morrison Corn Kits Print

    24"x36" Shipped in a sturdy cardboard box or tube
  • denton_texas_frenchy_print_24x36
  • Denton Campus Theatre
    Denton Texas Square and Campus Theater Print

    24×36 Denton Campus Theatre Print

    This 24x36 print of the iconic Denton Campus Theatre is a great way to brighten up any room. Styled after vintage travel posters, this print will make a great addition to any room.
  • denton_notecard_prodcuts_image
    denton texas note cards

    Denton Texas Notecards

    Now available at the Discover Denton Store on the Square in Denton. This fun and whimsical set of notecards is the perfect gift to give to anyone who loves Denton, or to keep for yourself and send to people you love to let them know you are thinking about them. Eight high quality notecards come in a set. Two of each card design is included.
  • Camo Flat Bill Denton Swag Hat

    Denton Swag Camo Hat

    Make a statement with this flat bill Denton Swag hat in a cool camo. Do you got that Denton Swag? Then let people know with this great hat.
  • Denton Campus Theatre Print
    Denton Campus Theatre Print

    18×24 Denton Campus Theatre

    The Denton Campus Theatre print, for those that love Denton know that our square is the heart of our fair city. The image in the photo gallery is an actual 18x24 print shown in my office. The rustic frame is from Hobby Lobby.
  • Denton Square Poster
    Denton Square Print

    18×24 Denton Square Print

    The Denton Square print, for those that love Denton know that our square is the heart of our fair city. The image in the photo gallery is an actual 18x24 print shown in my office. The rustic frame is from Hobby Lobby.
  • Denton Poster
    Denton 24x36 Print Black and White

    24×36 No Place Like Denton

    Ships Monday December 7th “No matter how dreary and gray our homes are, we people of flesh and blood would rather live there than in any other country, be it ever so beautiful. There is no place like home.” ― L. Frank Baum
  • Denton Square Streets Print
    Denton Square Streets print preview

    18×24 Denton Streets

    The Denton Square is surrounded by four streets named after trees: Oak, Elm, Hickory, Locust. For those of us who love Denton, we also love these streets and the Denton Square.
  • Denton Texas UNT Print
    UNT Print Preview

    18×24 UNT Streets Print

    18"x24" Print Go Mean Green! Show your love and support of Denton and UNT with this classy print that is reminiscent of popular subway and street signs. This print will go with almost any decor and will look great in a dorm room, home or office.
  • Texas Woman's University Print
    Preview of Texas Woman's University Print

    18×24 TWU Streets

    UNT gets a lot of publicity, but Denton is also known for the outstanding college that is TWU. Are you a Pioneer Woman or Pioneer Man? Show your love of TWU with a streets print.

Denton… Just Be Yourself

I started Denton Swag because I wanted products that showed off the awesomeness that is Denton. There is a lot of creativity here, a lot of amazing music, and even some good food, but what makes Denton really great is the people. Here in Denton you don’t have to be anything special, you can just relax and be yourself.



Quality and Attention to Detail

Ever bought a shirt that looked good on the rack but was uncomfortable? Or maybe you bought a shirt that just made you look bad. Clothes are personal and when I created Denton Swag what got me jazzed was the idea that I could make products that people would be proud to wear and enjoy wearing. Each of our designs was created to be timeless and classy, but still fun and representative of Denton. I hope you enjoy your Denton Swag and showing off our great city.



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