Starting Denton Swag

The Birth of a Dream

Denton T-Shirts and Posters and Coffee Mugs…
December 8, 2015 Denton Swag
Denton Courthouse Denton T-Shirt

We have been working hard this year. Harder than ever, but having fun during the whole process. The question people keep asking me, (Eddie Renz) is “Why did you start this business?” It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t the business that I had originally intended to create. I had planned to start a men’s stationery brand that included office products that were masculine and awesome. There are few items for my office that are masculine, like stainless steel paper holders and titanium gray folders.

I wanted camouflage and army green items as well as luxury items in marble, stone, and slate. I wanted to put together nautical themes and pair them with fun movie quotes/poems like “Oh Captain, My Captain”. But after doing quite a bit of research I realized that the market was somewhat limited and the production and marketing budgets would be exhaustive. However, during that process I saw a t-shirt for Austin, TX that I loved and I thought, “hmmm… we need more t-shirts for Denton.” Then I created a coffee mug for my other business ChemistCreative and the response I got back was very positive. “I love this mug!” was the resounding refrain and I realized that I may have stumbled on to something. What am I passionate about? Great design. What are people passionate about? High quality products, good food, good coffee, amazing craft beer, family, community – Denton. So how could I combine all of these things? With a lifestyle brand.

That is how Denton Swag was conceived. It was a boiling pot of all of my skills as a designer combined with the things I love the most. I wanted more posters for my home that showed off my love for this city instead of the posters I have from New York. I wanted a coffee cup, and a t-shirt and couch pillows and door mats and just a ton of things that told the world “I LOVE DENTON!”

I am still new to this retail business, but my hope is that with each purchase from Denton Swag that the people feel like they are contributing to something good while getting quality products. I want to give back to this community through partnerships with local vendors and local artists. I want to support non-profits through awareness, but I want to actually do hands-on change in the community instead of just tossing 10% of proceeds at an organization and then patting myself on the back. This community has so much to offer and when we serve that is where true satisfaction and joy come to fruition.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit Denton Swag and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.