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  • These prints are printed on 150lb card stock that is not rolled. These prints are matte finish and so sturdy that they will stand up against a wall, they are not flimsy like most prints. This print is currently only available in 24x36. Other sizes coming soon!
  • Look closely, yep, that is Frenchy, not Big Tex. The idea I had when I created this print was that Denton is much like the State Fair of Texas, except we are fun all year round and we have our own Big Tex - the LARGE THAN LIFE Frenchy (Andre Rheault). I love the Frenchy trucks that say Remember Our Troops on them so I updated the slogan for 2020 because I think it is important to always remember the people who fight for our freedom.
  • Denton Campus Theatre is one of the oldest theaters in Denton. It is now used by the Denton Community Theatre and other groups for live plays and shows.
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